When you have a shared purpose with the people you work with and everyone is after being the best we can possibly be, the results can be really rewarding.
— Clay Gantz

Growers Clay and Celeste Gantz work hand-in-hand with vineyard manager Jim Pratt and viticulturist Kris Lowe to produce the highest quality Russian River Valley Pinot Noir fruit.

“We have the luxury to devote attention at the most microlevel to our plants. Pinot Noir rewards that kind of care.”
— Clay Gantz

The small size of Gantz Family Vineyards, just 4.5 planted acres, allows Clay Gantz to farm in a precise and labor-intensive manner. The hands-on work of trunk training, pruning, shoot positioning, leafing, irrigating and monitoring for pests have allowed Clay to get to know each and every vine; he works collaboratively with the rest of the vineyard team to make sure each plant gets what it needs. Clay and his wife Celeste bought the property in 2009, established the vineyard in 2010 and sold their first six harvests to Kosta Browne Winery. Clay is an award-winning amateur winemaker who completed the certificate program in winemaking offered by the world-renowned Department of Viticulture and Enology at the University of California, Davis, Extension for individuals employed in the wine industry. He is former president of the Russian River Valley Winegrowers and currently is part of the Russian River Valley Neighborhoods Initiative.

To be able to look at a plant and right away know what it needs is a real pleasure. You almost feel pain when you see a plant not getting the treatment it deserves.
— Celeste Gantz

Celeste Gantz works alongside Clay to handle the shoot positioning, weeding and irrigation management in the vineyard and has taken over gopher control entirely. The two work together to produce and bottle the wine they make for friends and family. Celeste uses her 20-plus years overseeing legal departments to manage the administrative duties of Gantz Family Vineyards and gathers most of the content that populates their vibrant social media feeds. Celeste is an involved member of the Russian River Valley Winegrowers and the Russian River Valley Girls, an organization that connects women engaged in the local wine industry. She also is part of the Russian River Valley Neighborhoods Initiative

Vineyard manager Jim Pratt has over 30 years of experience overseeing vines in the Russian River Valley with a career that begin in 1980 working with Rich Kunde at Sonoma Grapevine, once one of the country’s largest grapevine nurseries. Now, Jim and his company, Cornerstone Certified Vineyard, oversee 220 acres that provide grapes for notable wineries like Siduri, Merry Edwards, DeLoach, Gary Farrell and Kosta Browne. Cornerstone specializes in managing small vineyards that require precision farming necessary for great Russian River Valley Pinot Noir. Jim emphasizes having a collaborative relationship with his vineyard owners, and he works closely with the rest of the GFV team to make decisions about the care and maintenance of our vineyard. His crew performs the highly skilled and arduous vineyard work such as annual spring pruning, canopy management and late-summer fruit harvesting.

Viticulturist Kristin Lowe has been a vital part of Gantz Family Vineyards' success. Kris was one of Clay's teachers in his certification program and one of the first people he turned to after purchasing the property in 2009. As the owner of Vine Balance Consulting, Kris watches over Gantz Family Vineyards' vines to ensure that they are protected from pest and disease and that they receive adequate nutrition, water and appropriate canopy management. She specializes in ampelography, which is the study of the classification of grape varieties, and has an extensive knowledge of rootstock/scion characteristics, grape genetics, and grapevine physiology and phenology. Originally from Syracuse, New York, Kristin received a B.S. in plant sciences with a specialization in plant breeding from Cornell University in 2000 before coming to California for graduate work. Kristin completed her Ph.D. in genetics from UC Davis in 2006.

Angelina M. Lopez helps Gantz Family Vineyards tell our story on the website and through our Facebook and Twitter pages. An experienced journalist and freelance writer, Angelina co-founded Team Loquist in 2017 to provide digital marketing and digital product management to small businesses. Her first book, Lush Money, a fiction novel inspired by the vineyard, will be released in October 2019. Angelina lives in Washington, D.C., with her family. She is Clay and Celeste's daughter and -- more importantly -- the mother of their grandchildren.


Jake is an invaluable member of the Gantz Family Vineyards team, taking very seriously his duties of pointing out active gopher holes, stomping lizards out of the ivy, chasing wild turkeys, and loudly warning us of circling hawks or innocent joggers who dare to pass near our property. We were lucky to adopt Jake from the Healdsburg Animal Shelter in 2012; he'd been on the euthanasia list of another shelter before Healdsburg rescued him (please adopt). He caught our attention immediately with his tendency to lean his entire body weight against people and stare at them with unblinking devotion. Jake had an active Facebook presence until we got tired of him hogging all the attention.