Family and Friends

The Boys of D.C.

Recently, I traveled to Washington, D.C., to take care of my teenage grandsons and their two friends while the parents got to play. I was so completely knocked out by how great these four teenagers were that I wrote a note to their parents. And sure, everyone thinks their grandkids are great. But keep reading and you'll find out why this was such a special weekend:

A Summer Party on Gantz Family Vineyards

On a perfect-blue-sky day in August, we celebrated a special family birthday on Gantz Family Vineyards. Friends and family who traveled from near and far made the party spectacular.  And it never would have been so carefree and fun without the incredible skills of the professionals we hired to help us with this event. They include...

Cook the Shrimp

A couple of weeks ago, I’d been invited to a luncheon of the Russian River Valley Girls, a group of women who are active participants in grape growing and winemaking. I was excited and nervous, hoping I would make a good impression and not make a fool out of myself. Unfortunately, that was not to be.