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Bird Problems in the Vineyard

it seems that our love and attention has caused havoc in the vineyard. By making sure there is food and water for our feathered friends, they have decided that this is the place to be. And just about the time Kosta Browne wants our fruit, when the grapes are ripe with sugars, the birds have decided they want our grapes, too.

A Vineyard: Where the Work Is Never Done

Every Friday evening, we try to just sit back and enjoy the beauty of the vineyard and appreciate all the hard work we’ve put into it over the last week. We’re often inspired to take a stroll through the vineyard with Jake by our side. We’re finished for the afternoon…we think.

5 Ways to Use Persimmons (Not Just Recipes)

A common quandary in the Russian River Valley this time of year is what to do with all the persimmons? A full-grown tree can produce a lot of fruit, and all of it is ripe at the exact same time. The fruit is too precious to let it spoil -- I see small, little guys going for $2 at the local grocery store -- so here are some ideas for how you can use all that lovely fruit so it doesn't go to waste: