A Summer Party on Gantz Family Vineyards


On a perfect-blue-sky day in August, we celebrated a special family birthday on Gantz Family Vineyards. Friends and family who traveled from near and far made the party spectacular.  And it never would have been so carefree and fun without the incredible skills of the professionals we hired to help us with this event. They include...

  • Event designer Lindsey Relyea of L'Relyea Events - Lindsey was a consummate professional who listened to every one of our wants and desires for the party and made them a reality while working within our budget. On the morning of the party, she asked where three items were and then said, "Okay, now we can get to work." What she really meant was, "Go relax. We have it under control." And boy, did she ever. The nine-hour event ran like clockwork with a kind-yet-invisible staff and the constant magical appearances of exactly what we needed exactly when we needed them. To read more, check out our Yelp review.
  • Feast Catering - We were so fortunate that Lindsey found the Santa Rosa company Feast Catering. People were truly knocked out -- as were we -- by the deliciousness of the food-truck-style dinner. Our one regret was that as chatting hosts, we didn't take the opportunity to eat more! The food was creative and beautifully presented, and the staff was kind and gracious while completely blending into the woodwork.
  • Photographer Mariah Smith - We almost didn't hire Mariah because our budget was feeling a little tight. That would have been a terrible mistake. As you will see in the pictures below, Mariah was able to capture the joy of family and friends caught up in the whimsy of a wine-country party.
  • Beau Wine Tours - Driver James Nolan from Beau Wine Tours patiently shuttled our guests back and forth from Santa Rosa, allowing our guests to relax and enjoy the party without the concerns of drinking and driving on dark country roads.

Please check out our slideshow of party photos (below) by excellent event photographer, Mariah Smith. Also, take a look at our Pinterest album.