Pinot Noir

Bird Problems in the Vineyard

it seems that our love and attention has caused havoc in the vineyard. By making sure there is food and water for our feathered friends, they have decided that this is the place to be. And just about the time Kosta Browne wants our fruit, when the grapes are ripe with sugars, the birds have decided they want our grapes, too.

Bottling the 2013 Wines at Gantz Family Vineyards

This morning Celeste and I bottled our 2013 wines. I’ve been making wine for a long time for my family and friends, but the whole texture of it has changed since we planted our vineyard and moved to the Russian River Valley.

Veraison at Gantz Family Vineyards

Veraison reminds us of watching a person grow from child to adult in one season. The fruit changes from skinny, scraggly blossoms to firm, green clusters to ripe, mature berries. Like childhood, it happens so fast you could get whiplash, yet the daily search for a berry, a cluster or the first blush of color seems eternal.

A Vineyard: Where the Work Is Never Done

Every Friday evening, we try to just sit back and enjoy the beauty of the vineyard and appreciate all the hard work we’ve put into it over the last week. We’re often inspired to take a stroll through the vineyard with Jake by our side. We’re finished for the afternoon…we think.

Exploring differences in Russian River Valley Pinot Noir

Are there distinguishing factors between wines produced in one Russian River Valley neighborhood versus another? On Saturday of Memorial Day weekend, a panel featuring winemaking luminaries welcomed participants to help answer those questions.

Flowering at Gantz Family Vineyards

We have flowering in Block 4 here at Gantz Family Vineyards. Block 4 was the home of an overgrown kiwi patch when we bought the property. Now, it seems to be our most vigorous block – perhaps because it’s at the highest peak of our property – so we’re not surprised to see it blooming first.

Pinot Classic: Celebrating Russian River Valley Pinot Noir

The Russian River Valley Winegrowers will celebrate the varietal that put the AVA on the map – Pinot Noir – May 24-25 during the Pinot Classic. This event will allow wine lovers to explore the range and diversity of RRV Pinot Noir over Memorial Day weekend with an educational seminar, a two-day wine tasting event and an exclusive dinner featuring Russian River Valley’s luminaries.