restaurant recommendations

Sonoma County Bakery Bakes with Passion

Owner Beth Thorp of Nightingale Breads bakes bread of such unique quality that you can identify it in one bite: Once, we dove into the bread basket at the renowned Farmhouse and immediately asked our server, “This is from Nightingale, isn’t it?”

Summer Fun in Sonoma with Grandkids

We were again fortunate to have our grandchildren stay with us for several weeks. As they grew into their teens, we were concerned that keeping them entertained and interested was going to be more of a challenge. Once again, Sonoma County came through with more terrific things to do and wonderful places to eat. 

Foods of Forestville

Our little town of Forestville, which is about five minutes from Gantz Family Vineyards, is so small that if you blink while driving through it, you might miss it. However, if you let your taste buds lead you, the town will surprise you with some wonderful food, as well as efficient, friendly and welcoming service.